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Let's Draw!

UniversityMCUT TAIWAN / National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
Lead DesignersChieh-An Chung
Design TeamChieh-An Chung / Zi-Shan Zhang / Chang-Yu Lung
Project LocationTaipei, Taiwan
CreditsAdvisor: Prof. Kai-Chu Li
Prize(s)Gold in Education / Teaching aids
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Entry Description

Let’s Draw! is a children's interactive drawing teaching projector with multi-directional projection that children interact with each other by drawing teaching. It allows several children to learn drawing teaching and play games by multi-directional projection at the same time, which in turn increase interaction and collaboration between children. Children can replace different clothes of characters to change the content of the themes. In the process of teaching, children's drawings will be uploaded to the cloud system. They create their own stories to enhance the sense of accomplishments.