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Media Center Y

Lead Designers
Prize(s)Bronze in Architecture Categories / Institutional
Entry Description

This ?Media Center Y? project is about understanding of an existing fabric cultural heritage and architecture, embedded into a static context, creating a landmark media center that will give new definitions to a public plaza.

Uniting the ground and architecture with an axial pattern of Macau, together with the activity-inducing-media-skin, the Center serves the social role as a space of public interest and dialogue beyond the sensational icon. The homogenous surface breaks the physical boundary of architecture and plaza, redefining the connection between in and out; while the digital projections on skin bridged the intangible linkage between ideas and the substantial world.

Modern technology had transform broadcasting and the way how people communicate with each other. This project explored how a media and broadcasting center becomes the interface between the physical space, the virtual spaces and mental spaces within every individual. The importance of the space goes beyond the social meaning of a trade forum, and lies on how architecture can reflect and capture the technologies and social values associated with this interface.

Activity-time-space concept: from exterior to interior, spatial arrangement is done with respect to sequence of activities, that generates social outcome, creating identity of place and giving everyone platforms to communicate. This can stimulate the exchange of programme, exchange of functions, exchange of users and therefore also the exchange of activities, which is not something foreign to architecture but inherent in it. This is the beginning to open up towards the logic of dynamic and the complexity of our time.


Adrian is a designer and architect who always strives to design people-oriented products.
With simple but conscious designs, Adrian has won a spectrum of international and regional design awards for his product and architectural designs, including from Italy’s A’ Design Award, the Japan's Good Design Award and Paris's Novum Design Award.
Adrian is a Founding Docent of the Hong Kong Architecture Centre and was a Co-Chair of the Young Members Committee of the Hong Kong Institute of Architects. He has curated architectural exhibitions at ArtisTree, Taikoo Place and at Hysan Place, Causeway Bay.

Awards and Prize

2019 - Golden Novum Design Award Winner in Lightning Design Category
2019 - Gold Award Landscape Planning and Garden Design Category, A'Design Award
2019 - Winner - Good Design Award, Landscape, civil engineering structures
2019 - Winner in 3D Printed Forms and Products Design Category, A'Design Award
2018 - Gold Award Outstanding Exhibit - Hong Kong Flower Show 2018
2018 - Champion - Eastern District Public Art Competition
2016 - Winner - HKIA 60th Anniversary Commemorative Book Case & Book Cover Thematic Design Competition
2016 - Champion - Basic Law Souvenir Design Competition, Basic Law Promotion
Steering Committee, HKSAR
2016 - Honorable Mention - Young Architect Award 2015, The Hong Kong Institute of Architects
2016 - Silver A’ Design Award, A’ Design Award & Competition
2015 - 1st Award - “Light On and Take Care” design contest by Leroy Merlin on Desall.com
2013 - Champion - "Weaving New City-Fabric - Noise Mitigation/Retaining Structure Design for Tsuen Wan Bypass (Open Group)
2011 - Champion - Tropical Architecture Design Competition for Institutes of Higher Learning, BCA-SIA-SGBC