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Departure from Legacy

Lead Designers
Prize(s)Gold in Architecture Categories / Urban Design
Entry Description

Macau has undergone rapid transformation since the beginning of this century. It's economic development mainly relies on its predominant and booming casino business and tourism. In contrary, its social and cultural development remains inert and insignificant.
Through this design project, the Tap Seac Plaza in Macau is redesigned to become a iconic spot of Macau. Meanwhile, by redesigning the plaza, it provides a more intimate spatial relationship and efficient usage for the locals. Moreover, it is also the intention to create a landmark building to promote cultural and civic activities, and also as venue for artistic performance. Lastly, communication between old and new buildings is also considered.
After all, it is the vision to introduce a new kind of living style to the locals by the design of public building and public space. It is the ambition to induce a meaningful change in social identity from the 'legacy' of Macau through the mean of architecture and urban design.


I live in Hong Kong since born. I am a fresh graduate studying architecture in The University of Hong Kong. And now working in Aedas, pursue in a theatre project, and it is great fun being involved in such large project. I love drawing, phototaking, travelling, playing tennis, cooking, hiking, travelling.
My short term ambition is to go to study in the US, a nation of changes.

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