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The Tree

CompanyLong Win Interior Design
Lead DesignersShih Yun Lung
Design TeamHsiu Yun Tsai
Project LocationTaiwan
ClientAngel Hill Daycare Center
Prize(s)Silver in Interior Design / Institutional
Project LinkView
Entry Description

The present project is about a Childcare Center, the proprietor hopes to design a parent-child space that both loved by adults and children. In view to meet the request, therefore planning from the nursed children and caregivers’ perspective. Meticulously set up clear illumination, smooth flow and essential facilities, consequently to create a comfy environment for all the parents, young children and caregivers feel with peace.
Make use of the newborn baby pure white hue as the spatial base tone, and assort with the balmy sensation of timber, so as soften the rigid feeling of the construction.


"Frameless design" is the nucleus of the Long-win design team. It can be any style, but it won't be any kind that you have ever seen. We adhere to the conviction of " simple life attitude". Basically design with the minimalist style, which widely utilize into the residential, commercial, office spaces and soft furnishing. Further to embellish the space with natural greenery wood, thence bring about the extremely unique sustainable circumstance. There's no doubt, the space would present of an exclusive personal style of each proprietor.

Awards and Prize

2021 Asia Design Prize GRAND award
2020 Muse Design Awards Gold / Silver
2020 APDC design awards commercial space Grand award
2020 Taiwan good design Bronze
2020 Novum Design Award Silver
2020 Outstanding Property Award London Honorable Mention
2020 LICC Official Selection
2020 International Design Awards Silver
2020 K-DESIGN AWARD Finalist
2019 A'Design Award Silver
2019 A'Design Award Bronze
2019 AMP Honorable Mention
2019 AMP Honorable Mention
2019 Muse Design Awards Silver
2019 K-Design Award Finalist
2019 K-Design Award Finalist
2019 K-Design Award Finalist
2019 K-Design Award Finalist
2018 New York Design Award Silver
2018 Spark Awards Finalist
2018 LICC Honorable Mention
2018 DESIGN100 Shortlist