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Leaguer & Yango · Cloud Valley

CompanyGuangzhou MyHome Interior Decoration Design Co.,Ltd.
Lead DesignersHuang Haizhu
Project LocationFosha, Guangdong Province, China
ClientYango Foshan
CreditsPhotographied by Yang Weijie
Prize(s)Bronze in Interior Design / Home Decor
Entry Description

Floor Area: 28 Square Meters
Target Buyers: Open-minded younger people who prefer immediate gratification and attach great importance to the quality and style of life.
Design Idea: Residents can read books, watch movies, play musical instruments, and hold parties within a limited space.
This is a flexible space, as the folding and changeable furniture in the space can rearrange the space if necessary. For example,the table can be folded and hidden into the cabinet when not in need and the movable bookshelf provides more possibilities for entertainment scene.