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Dayr-e-Gachin Caravansary

UniversityIran University of Science and Technology
Lead DesignersMohammad Matin Sarabi Daryani
Project LocationIran, Qom Province, Qom-Garmsar highway, Dayr-e-Gachin Caravansary
CreditsProject Supervisor: Dr. Mehdi Khakzand
Prize(s)Silver in Architecture Categories / Hotels & Resorts
Entry Description

This project includes restoration, adaptive reuse of Dayr-e-Gachin caravansary. Planning and designing the landscape which includes accommodation, research and education spaces is in compliance with contextual and historical values in order to promote ecotourism and preserve the area from potential threats. Not only this project is meant to be a role-model for the improvement of the situations of desert throughout Iran via the existing caravansaries, but also it is meant to become a headquarters for conducting research and managing other similar projects.