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Radioactive Live Soundscape

CompanyKobayashi Lab., Center For Spatial Information Science, The University of Tokyo
Lead DesignersHill Hiroki Kobayashi
Design TeamKobayashi Lab.
Project LocationFukushima Exclusion Zone
Prize(s)Bronze in Design For Society / Design for Public Awareness
Project LinkView
Entry Description

A microphone has been placed at the entrance to a forest that is 10 kilometers away from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. This microphone allows us to hear, in real time, the sounds coming from this location which is in a restricted area due to its extremely high levels of radiation. Radioactive soundscape represent the diversity of organisms in the forest. This project aims to watch over those that will come to an end in the near future and the new lives that appearing after humans left the area by interacting with them. (Brief concept movie https://youtu.be/7d0i_UCLk4M )