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Folding Chair and Foot Rest

CompanyFold Down Pro
Lead DesignersJohn Mullins
Design TeamJohn Mullins, Joe O'Connor, Michael O'Brien
Project LocationLimerick, Ireland
ClientEureka Manufacturing Limited
Prize(s)Silver in Home Interior Products / Kitchen Furniture
Entry Description

This is our concept for a kitchen island chair and foot rest. The chair moves into the seating position by pressing down on the chair element, which rises the main control arm through a curved track in the support pillar. When in the seating position the downward pressure of a person sitting on the chair acts against the top of the curved channel to remain at 90 degrees to the support pillar. The upward movement of the chair also deploys the foot rest through a series of pivot arms located within the support pillar. Easy to use, it folds up to save space.


At Fold Down Pro, our aim is to create high quality space saving furniture. Thanks to our wall mounted folding brackets, you can turn any furniture into a functional part of your home. Our wall mounted folding tables, ironing boards, countertops, desks, chairs, and benches are ready for you to install with ease. We design and manufacture all of our furniture.