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DR.BEI Kids Sonic Electric Toothbrush K5

CompanyWuxi Qinghe Xiaobei Technology Co., Ltd.
Lead DesignersZhou Ying
Design TeamCui Qian,Liu Ying Xi
Project LocationBeijing
Prize(s)Silver in Children Products / Baby & Children Products
Entry Description

This is a children's sonic electric toothbrush that can play stories. When the baby picks up the toothbrush, the speaker will automatically play interesting children's stories. While brushing their teeth, they listen to stories that make the children can't wait to brush their teeth every day.
Another highlight of DR.BEI Kids Sonic Electric Toothbrush K5 is its unique pressure sensing instant adjustment function, which can automatically detect the strength of the baby's toothbrushing. The motor power will also be instantly frequency-converted and decompressed to avoid damaging the baby's mouth.