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WuliEpoch Culture Center

CompanyAtelier Alter Architects
Lead DesignersYingFan Zhang, Xiaojun Bu
Design TeamPing Jiang, Wei Huang, Zhenwei Li, Ran Yan, Lairong Zheng, Jue Wang, Leilei Ma, Bo Huang, Chuan Qin, Lianhua Liu, Chunyu Cao, Jiang Wu, Weicong Lin
Project LocationBeijing, China
ClientSino Ocrean Real Estate
Prize(s)Gold in Architecture Categories / Commercial Building
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Entry Description

Sited in Shijingshan, the fringe of Beijing, near the scared Western Hills. The project responses by stacking layers of curve walls one on top of the other, in a crisscrossing way to create layers of courtyard or intermediate spaces leading towards the building, The continuous spiral organization of interior space makes space permeable and penetrable. The gradually slopped floor echoes with the “inverted Western Hills,” expressed by the curved array of ceiling panels. The signature image of “autumn foliage in Western Hills” is reinterpreted by field of glittering wooden coat aluminum panels.