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Facade Lighting Design Along Dongdaming Road

CompanyShanghai Xiandai Architectural Decoration & Landscape Design Research Institute
Lead DesignersYun Yang
Design TeamYangYun, ZhouNa
Project LocationDongdaming Road, Shanghai, China
ClientLandscape Construction Management Institute of Hongkou District in Shanghai
Creditsphoto by Liao Hele
Prize(s)Silver in Architecture Categories / Architectural Lighting
Entry Description

it's an improvement and renovation project of urban lighting.All the many historical buildings along Dongdaming Road and Suzhou River reflect rich cultural deposits of Shanghai.In the lighting design, 2500-3000K warm color temperature is used to manifest historical buildings while highlighting parts with unique features such as architectural order and cornice,etc.to give prominence to details of shapes and decorations.4000-5000K color temperature is used for modern office buildings.As the leading section into the north Bund,landscape lighting along the river stresses creativity .