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Ceribell EEG

CompanyWhipsaw Inc
Lead DesignersDan Harden
Design TeamCole Derby, Cheng Fu Hsieh, Kellee Kimbro, Brian Leach, Akifusa Nakazawa
ClientCeribell Inc
Prize(s)Gold in Industrial And Life Science Design / Medical/Scientific Machinery
Project LinkView
Entry Description

This portable electroencephalogram is used to quickly monitor and detect brain seizures. Conventional bulky EEG machines require attaching electrodes to patients’ scalps during lengthy and uncomfortable procedures. Ceribell is compact, lightweight, and takes just six minutes to set up. Its comfortable headband carries brain signals to a handheld device containing the computer and touch display. A brain stethoscope then converts brain waves into sounds—a breakthrough for unconscious patients with no visible symptoms. Data is then instantly sent to the Cloud and can be reviewed anywhere.