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Gloriously Gold: Celebrating AirAsia’s 10 Years of Awards

CompanyRethink Sdn Bhd
Lead DesignersS.Indran M Subramaniam
Design TeamS. Indran, Audrey Soon, Ng Tse Mei, Abu Muslim, Heidi Azrin, Hooi Keng Lam, Aisha Riza, Yaashdev
ClientAir Asia Group Berhad
Prize(s)Silver in Print / Annual Reports
Project LinkView
Entry Description

Nothing says excellence quite like gold. To showcase AirAsia’s 10th consecutive Skytrax win on its annual report, Rethink decided to set the award plaque on a fully-gold typographic cover, using a combination of finishing to mimic the look and feel of the award and project a sense of elegance and extravagance. Inside, gold and black dominate the pages, with no.10 wordplay on the separators carrying the theme through. A spread of 10 commemorative coasters completes a journey of gold that began the moment readers unveiled the dazzling tome from its black and gold jacket.