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"Babies Will Be Babies"

UniversityParsons School of Design & Central Saint Martins
Lead DesignersBeate Karlsson
Design TeamBeate Karlsson
CreditsPhoto by: Yiran Zhu
Prize(s)Bronze in Avant-garde / Women, Gold in Apparel Category / Garment Concepts, Bronze in Accessory / Footwear
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Entry Description

When we are babies we approach all objects with virgin eyes, free from concepts and associations. For example, viewing a chair for the first time we probably start by perceiving the shape, structure or color. When we grow up our experience increasingly restricts our imagination of how a chair can look like.

As an artist and designer I want to create objects from a baby’s perspective.

The more in-depth purpose of the collection is to inspire to strive for creative "otherness", as a response to the contemporary "forced" fashion cycle where imitation has replaced innovation.