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CompanyHappy Baobab / Ian Parovel
Lead DesignersParovel Ian
Design TeamIan Parovel, Tori Hasegawa, Dave Choï, KJ Lee
Project LocationSeoul, South Korea
ClientHappy Baobab Co.
Credits© Happy Baobab 2019
Prize(s)Bronze in Toy Design / Board and card Game, Silver in Outdoor And Exercise Equipment / Leisure, games and fun
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Entry Description

TönTon™ is an original Card Game by Japanese author Tori Hasegawa.
Packaging and components are designed for accessiblity, durability and portability in mind.
Cards are inspired by ancient game of Tam cúc, printed on new thick cardboards that is durable and environmentally friendly.
The integrated lid, closed by a magnet at the top, is enclosing a foam-shaped case to protect and arrange the components.
The Scandinavian graphics and top/bottom alternating design are made to help colorblind people play the game properly.

TönTon offers a minimalistic and respectful experience of fun for all.


Ian Parovel (born 1983 in France), is a French art director, film director, game designer, screenwriter, and designer living in Saint-Germain-en-Laye.

While he worked for many boardgames & videogames, he's mainly known for his contributions on the visual aspects of the games.
We owe him many novelties and innovations these last years, like the train components and the "time-travelling-car" works on Colt Express, Flat "video-game" design UI in Deus, as well as more than 50+ published projects.

Awards and Prize

2006 : 1st place Festival De Courts for the animated short-movie Aldebert

2007 : 1st place Concours des créateurs d'Ugine for the game A Table

2009 : International Design Award Best in ClassInternational Design Award for art direction of the animated series The Podcats

2009 : W3 Gold Awards World Wide Web Award for technical performance on The Podcats official website

2010 : Interactive Media Awards for the dedicated games & website for The Podcats

2010 : Junior Communication Award Actukids for the marketing campaign on The Podcats

2012 : Nominated As d'or Jeu de l'année for the boardgame Fame Us

2014 : Nominated As d'or Jeu de l'année for the boardgame Koryo

2015 : 1st place Award As d'or Jeu de l'année for the boardgame Colt Express and nominated for Minivilles

2015 : Spiel Des Jahres Award Spiel Des Jahres for the boardgame Colt Express