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Securinject - Dental Syringe Redefined

CompanyForca Healthcare
Lead DesignersMohamed Ahmed Syed
Design TeamJunaid Anwar Syed
CreditsJunaid Anwar Syed
Prize(s)Silver in Industrial And Life Science Design / Safety Designs
Project LinkView
Entry Description

Accidental needle stick injuries (NSIs) and cross contamination are serious concerns in dentistry. Research shows dental professionals have a 56 % chance of receiving an NSI each year and reusable dental syringes are a source of cross contamination.

Securinject is a patent pending innovation to prevent NSIs and cross-contamination. Some features include

• Permanently locks after use to protect from NSIs
• Safely dismantles used needle for disposal
• Designed for a single use to prevent cross-infection
• Aesthetics reduce patient phobia
• Cost effective compared to other options