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Lead DesignersLA AGENCIA
Prize(s)Gold in Home Interior Products / Kitchen Furniture
Entry Description

KIT is the result of a thoughtful analysis of how contemporary life evolves and changes constantly. In times where architecture shifts for more open and non-hierarchical spaces, a kitchen conceived with a furniture logic maximizes the idea of a flexible and integrated space. In this digital era, where everything intangible seems to prevail, this product proposes a comeback to experiences, appreciation and contact with objects and materials. KIT transforms the ritual of cooking, it places the kitchen at the center of the house to encourage people to meet, interact and share more experiences.


We are an international award-winning design agency that specializes in furniture systems.

As a team of creative designers with a deep understanding of contemporary living, we shape the way in which we live spaces, delivering relevant solutions for the brand’s challenges.

We build a critical and global vision of the primary role that furniture performs as elements that articulate and structure spaces.

We design furniture systems that aim for new ways of living, that create places for people to meet, interact and communicate. We make architecture through furniture.

Awards and Prize

German Design Award 2021 - Germany - KIT

European Product Design Award 2020 - KIT

Silver IDA International Design Award 2020 - Los Angeles USA - RIPA

Gold IDA International Design Award 2019 - Los Angeles USA - KIT

Good Design Award 2018 - Chicago USA - F53

Bronze IDA International Design Award 2017 - Los Angeles USA - MUT

Silver A´ Design Award 2017 - Milan Italy - MUT

Platinum A´ Design Award 2016 - Milan Italy - Banco

A´ Design Award 2015 - Milan Italy - Dominó