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Nudge Bowl

Lead DesignersKiyah Duffey
Design TeamAlex Barrette, Timothy Baird, Daniel Martin
Project LocationBlacksburg, VA, USA
CreditsPhotos by Alex Barrette and Yasmin Campos
Prize(s)Bronze in Children Products / Baby & Children Products
Project LinkView
Entry Description

An extension of our Nudge line, the Nudge Bowl is designed to provide parents with a gentle reminder - a nudge - to give their kids a small taste of something new at each meal. Kids must taste food an average of 15 times before it becomes a regular part of their diet. But introducing new foods can be challenging. The bowl's nudge provides a visual reminder to parents to give kids a small taste of something new and physical space for kids where they can feel comfortable exploring those new foods. Our bowls pair with our ergonomic spoons, working together to support healthy mealtime habits.