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Packie Sichuan Restaurant

CompanyMidnight Design
Lead DesignersI Chan Su
Design TeamYi Gu, Hsuan Yu Hsu, Ping Cheng Lee
ClientGingko Catering Group
CreditsPhoto by Shang Yun Chien
Prize(s)Gold in Print / Corporate Identity
Entry Description

Packie Sichuan restaurant, located in Xinyi District, Taipei, combines authentic Sichuan cuisine with special cocktails to surprise the palate.The word Packie refers to “a place to buy liquor” in the western culture, and many famous writers and poets in history have enjoyed drinking wine. Therefore, in order to interpret the core of the brand integrating Chinese and Western culture, the design skillfully combines the Western wine tasting culture with the Oriental ink painting art, and applies it to trademarks and Key Visual.