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Alles ißt gut

CompanyKirchschläger Grafikbüro
Lead DesignersGerhard Kirchschläger
ClientKarin Stöttinger Geschmacksmomente
CreditsPhoto by: Karin Stöttinger, Mara Hohla
Prize(s)Silver in Print / Print Editorial
Entry Description

„Alles ißt gut“ (“Everything is/eats well”—a german playword) the second magazine with the favorite recipes of the bloggers Karin Stöttinger and Mara Hohla. Everything is cooked by motto “simply good is simply better“: simple, refined and creative. This is also reflected in the style of photography. Reduced food arrangements, generous white space. Typographically, this is an alternative draft to the Internet blog layout: initials from classic script fonts, a mixture of Serif and geometric San Serif.

Awards and Prize

TDC Type Directors Club (The World’s Best Typography)
Art Directors Club New York (ADC100)
Red Dot Award Communication Design 2017
Red Dot Award Communication Design 2018
IF Design Award 2021
IF Design Award 2019
Berliner Type Gold 2021
Berliner Type Silver 2021
Berliner Type Diplom 2021
Berliner Type Gold 2020
Berliner Type Diplom 2017
Berliner Type Diplom 2018
German Design Award Winner 2019
German Design Award Winner 2020
German Brand Award Mention 2018
Good Design Award 2018
Good Design Award 2019
Good Design Award 2020
HKDA Hong Kong Global Design Awards 2018 & 2021