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MAY 9891

UniversitySavannah College of Art and Design
Lead DesignersJiexian Huang
CreditsPhoto by Jiexian Huang
Prize(s)Bronze in Apparel Category / Runway Collections, Silver in Apparel Category / Garment Concepts
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Entry Description

MAY 9891 is based on the Tiananmen Square Protest that happened in 1989 in China. It was the first time Chinese people have fought for their freedom and liberty. In order to memorialize and inherit the boldness from that generation, the designer created this collection by utilizing blurry images of her peers representing the current generation in comparison with strong and masculine silhouettes. Moreover, the designer invited models from different races and genders to display this collection is aiming to convey the message not just to Chinese young people but also young people in general.


Born and raised in southern China, Jiexian Huang came to the United States to pursue a B.F.A. degree in Fashion in 2014. She is aiming to voice her opinions on justice and freedom through fashion, regardless of nationality, gender and race, as a fashion designer. Looking beyond fashion the glamor and extravagance and focusing instead on social issues continuously prompts her to create and participate in the fashion world.

With an extending interest in photography, Jiexian Huang has created numerous photography series and has exhibited them in Paris, Los Angeles and Savannah, GA.

Awards and Prize

LA Artcore 1st Annual Photographic Competition and Exhibition, Los Angeles, CA
-One photography invited
Art Exhibition"No mother Should Worry", Savannah, GA
-Three photography series invited
Art Exhibition"SOLITUTE", Paris, France
-One photography series invited
SCAD FASHION 2019 Runway Show, Savannah, GA
-Fashion collection "MAY 9891" invited