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Finger Ring!

UniversityNational Taiwan University of Science and Technology
Lead DesignersYu-Ting Zeng/Chiao-Chi Cheng/Yu-Hsin Li
Design TeamPOCAGO
CreditsAdvisor: Prof. Kai-Chu Li
Prize(s)Gold in Education / Self learning devices
Entry Description

Finger Ring!, a hand rehabilitation painting aid designed for children with cerebral palsy, allows them to create 3D paintings, helping them improve hand convulsions and insufficient tension.
It contains a finger cot, an artboard and a pigment box. The finger cot can be stained with colors and support patients to paint. According to the level of patient’s tension, they are given a series of teaching materials, such as surface textures, 3D blocks, bump paintings and story design. With the help of others, patients can carry out finger tension, hand grasp and muscle endurance rehabilitation.