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Royal - Commercial office tower

UniversityArt university
Lead DesignersReyhane Sanati,maryam salamani
Design TeamArchitectural Designer:reyhane Sanati
Project LocationTehran
Prize(s)Silver in Other Architectural Designs / Other Architectural designs
Entry Description

In the design of the commercial-office tower, the Royal has tried to reconcile the tower with the nature and receive energy from it.
The bulk concept design is based on pure and simple geometry so that it can communicate with the environment and forms in nature.
In the process of designing an attempt to feel the rotation of the form to control the wind flow at heights without rotating the form by reducing the angle of the adjoining part of each floor.The main structure of this complex is concrete and outrigger.


A professional,creative and innovative Architect with 5years experi
ence.A strog believer in the ability of the architecture and research
combined with design thinking for strengtheninig our societies and
having a positive effect on the world.only together can we build a
better future,therefore my communication and team_ working skills

Awards and Prize

1)Architect of the year student in IDA 2016
2)IDA 2016 Gold
3)IDA 2016, Honorable Mention
4)Architectural Design of the year student in APDC*IDA
5)IDA 2019,silver
6)IDA 2019, silver
7)IDA 2019, Honorabel Mention