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The Casting

UniversityLing Tung University
Lead DesignersYen Cheng Li
Design TeamYen Cheng Li
CreditsPhoto by Yen Cheng Li
Prize(s)Bronze in Print / Key Art
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Entry Description

The central concept of the product is the combination of new and old, shaping intangible emotions with our cast package. The cast package designs of a camera a typewriter and a radio can keep moments, words and sound, and record abstract feelings, relationships, stories, and memories.

This work is designed to record the intangible stories memories and emotions, and then materialize and display them. It can communicate with friends, family and loved ones. It is a gift to say goodbye, and also a souvenir from happy times.


Every day at noon, hesitant to eat for lunch, turn left to the hot pot restaurant, turn right to the Italian pasta shop, arguing endlessly, the usual life encounters all kinds of choices, and each person's thoughts and positions are different, so that each choice People have different results, I think this is the most interesting place in life.

Awards and Prize

2018 New Generation Design Exhibition - Product Design Class - Golden Cabbage Newcomer Special Award
Asia Pacific Visual Communication Design Exhibition 2018 - Packaging Design - Gold Award
2018 Southeast Asia Creative Product Design Competition Association - Silver Award
Taiwan International Creative Design Competition 2018 - Visual Communication Design - Bronze Award
2018 China Platinum Creative Design Competition - Packaging Design - Gold Award
2019 CGDA Visual Communication Design Award
Member of CEAPVA Asia Pacific Visual Design Association