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Whiskey - Mortlach 2.81 Invitation

Company3+2 Design Studio
Lead DesignersHsieh Yi-Cheng, Chiu Pei-yu
Design TeamChuang Wei-chuan, Chen Ying-ling, Sie Yun-tao
ClientDiageo Taiwan Inc.
CreditsPhotos by : leejuanshow (kinki photographic)
Prize(s)Gold in Print / Direct Mail
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Entry Description

The Golden ages of drinking culture Classic legendary whiskey-Mortlach 2.81 had a hundred years of history;Big & Bold flavor is mainly through a tangle of copper pipes and the six stills in a Byzantine configuration. It is cut, recut, blended, distilled and distilled again.After a total of 2.81 times of repeated distillation, it is like an alchemy-like study. It is a highly interactive invitation card through design idea. Everyone will rotate card , and they can feel the visual of the flow. Maybe it is like time-hourglass(ex. From each stills flow to bottle)It also hints at the secret of 2.81.


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