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Sealung. Beach Jewelry Preventing Drowning

CompanySemenko Design
Lead DesignersKaterina Semenko
Project LocationRussia
Prize(s)Gold in Outdoor And Exercise Equipment / Leisure, games and fun
Entry Description

SeaLung is a collection of beach jewellery that designed to prevent drowning. Human body has sine air in lungs and only 2 extra kg of buoyancy is need to keep it always afloat. Majority of flotation devices look bulky or childish and adults that suffer from aquaphobia can be hesitant to wear them. SeaLung looks like a stylish necklace extended to shoulders but it is made of soft foam polymer with a porous structure inside encapsulating that minimal sufficient air volume. It can be worn as a decorative accessory on the beach but it is designed to guarantee safety on water and save human lives.