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UTI Detect Catheter

UniversityNational Taipei University of Education
Lead DesignersChiao-Chi Cheng / Yu-Ting Zeng/ Yu-Hsin Li
Design TeamPocago
Project LocationTaiwan
CreditsProf. Kai-Chu Li
Prize(s)Gold in Industrial And Life Science Design / Medical/Scientific Machinery
Entry Description

Studies showed that using catheters increases the rate of urinary tract infection,complications and death if ignores the infection. However, urine tests are onlyconducted when certain symptoms occur, and cannot be tracked timely. The UTI Detect Catheter is an instant urinal bacteria detector attached to a catheter, using microscopic-images technique. The images then run through statistical and AI analysis for detection. The results are kept by APP and are used to learn changes in the urine and usual nursing. It helps achieve early detection, lowers the risk and reduces the staff’s burden.