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The Blind Line

CompanyTipografia Altedo Srl
Lead DesignersMattia Trentini
Design TeamMattia Trentini - Andrea Bottoni - Annalisa Fenzi - Silvia Carbone
ClientMartina Zena
Prize(s)Silver in Multimedia / Interactive Media
Project LinkView
Entry Description

With the appearance of a catalog, this piece of art conceal the secrets and curiosities of Bologna invisible to the eyes. This artwork was carried out using different techniques, such as laser cutting, engraving, offset print and interactive inserts.

It’s necessary to wake up the glance and to entirely trust the human sensory system again, so that we can fully feel the world around us, and make it significant through all the senses.

The rediscovery of the city is achieved through a map  which narrates the city’s history and identity within each detail and each selection of materials.