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The Nightingale and the Rose

UniversitySavannah College of Art and Design
Lead DesignersSihan Wu
CreditsPhoto by Sihan Wu
Prize(s)Bronze in Print / Books
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Entry Description

In modern context, many of us have become the martyrs of the blindness that AIDS patients should be stigmatized. The sure thing is that we suffered from the backfire of the discrimination, the isolation, and the stigma that we put on AIDS positives. The book questions such discrimination and harbingers the outcome that all of us will be facing. Each page is embedded with actual and printed rose thorns, viewers would experience a quick prick while reading the content collected from the confessions of AIDS patients. Real blood is printed on each page to intensify the reading experience.

Awards and Prize

2020 Indigo Design Award, Gold Winner (2 categories)
2020 Indigo Design Award, Silver Award Winner (2 categories)
2019 International Design Awards, Honorable Mention
2019 International Design Awards, Bronze Award Winner
2018 Creative Quarterly 52 Graphic Design, Winner
2018 Graphis Typography 4 Competition, Merit Award Winner
2018 Creative Quarterly 51 Graphic Design, Winner
2018 Creative Quarterly 51 Graphic Design, Runner-up
2017 AIGA/NY: Fresh Grad: MFA Thesis presentation for AIGA in NYC
2017 SCAD Secession, Finalist. Awarded for two separate projects.
2016 Adobe Design Achievement Award, Semifinalist. Fine Art - Graphic Design / Print
2012 Tony Cragg: Sculpture and Drawing Public Participation
Finalist. Awarded for four separate works.