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Company3+2 Design Studio
Lead DesignersHsieh Yi-Cheng, You Cyuan-yi , Sie Yun-Tao
Design TeamChiu Tzu-Yang , Hsu Kun-Yen , Chiu Pei-yu
Project LocationTaiwan
ClientChiu Tong Plastics Co., Ltd
Prize(s)Bronze in Home Interior Products / Bathroom Fittings/Appliances
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Entry Description

Our Aroma Gel-ball shower head (environmentally friendly plastic material) features a unique and innovative “enhanced water pressure structure,” in which the physical attributes of the shower head are utilized to strengthen its water flow mechanics, breaking the structure of water molecules to allow friction with air (to create negative anions), giving birth to clean and moist skin that rivals that enjoyed after a spa. The water is spun to boost its pressure, prompting the aroma gel-ball to release nutrients such as collagens that enhance skin moisture, reduce water loss in the strata cornea.


"3+2" derives from Taiwan postal (zip) code, and special delivery is the company's mission, it involves resource, timing, examination and negotiation. The value of 3+2 Design Studio is to have work-up for clients' difficult and complicated diseases, and then proposes suitable prescription (solution) to the problem. For years, our professional service contains two fields, branding strategy & packaging design, product integration & robot design. Clients always believe in 3+2 Design Studio that can offer best design strategy and skills of problem solving. 3+2 Always Provide the Best.