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Uber Advanced Technologies Group R&D Center

CompanyMarcy Wong Donn Logan Architects
Lead DesignersMarcy Wong
Design TeamMarcy Wong, Kent Royle, Ketki Shah
Project LocationSan Francisco, CA
ClientUber Advanced Technologies Group; Orton Development Inc.
CreditsPhoto by: Billy Hustace
Prize(s)Bronze in Interior Design / Office
Entry Description

Uber Advanced Technologies Group is a self-driving technologies engineering team whose R&D Center is housed within historic Pier 70. The center’s four massive buildings, constructed between 1885 and 1937 for ship repair, now extend the site’s legacy of transportation endeavors into the 21stC.
Challenges of upgrading physically deteriorating and seismically deficient historic landmark edifices for a modern company, are both technical and architectural. The insertion of mezzanines, bridges and stairs preserves the historic perimeter brick walls and was integral to the seismic upgrading strategy.