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Sea Wonders Eco lodge

Lead DesignersMerna Sami
Design TeamMerna Sami
Project LocationFayum Government, Egypt
Prize(s)Gold in Interior Design / Sustainable Living/Green
Entry Description

In the desert of Fayum, Egypt, there is wadi El Hitan (whales valley), it has a lot of fossils of ancient extinct whales.
In my project I focus on the concept of whales and curved lines.
My project consists of 3 zones (each zone has 3 photos).
First one is the museum It was named sea wonder museum.It displays these fossils and the interior was inspired from curved shapes of whales.
Second zone is accommodation room. It also was inspired from the shapes under sea levels.
Third zone is the restaurant.It was inspired from the waves of the sea.
I used natural materials there to feel the nature.


I'm merna sami, an interior designer (fresh graduate in 2018).
I studied at faculty of applied arts in Helwan University.
I have participated in many competitions and exhibitions in my country.

Awards and Prize

I have certifications from Furnex and The home exhibition which was held in Nasr City in Egypt...
I also have certifications from my faculty for participatung in an conference ned I'm the egyptian..
I also received certification for participating in Marmox competition for furniture designed from marble.
I had attended a training in interior design company named Elmasria for construction,engineering,and Gypsum board works, and got a certification from them.
I had attended a training in an event and wedding planner company named Eventfull and got a certification from them.
I also had attended a training in Engco company for engineering and constructions.
I had certifications of the software programs courses I
had taken such as Autocad,photoshop,and 3D Max.
Now I'm working in a design office for my doctor in my faculty as I'm the fifth on my colleagues and I got a grade in my 5 years study (very good high) with percentage of 83.2%
which is before excellent with just 1.8% .
I got my graduation certification from my faculty as 2018 fresh graduate.
all my works I share it on my pages mentioned before.