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WAP Art Space

CompanyDavide Macullo Architects
Lead DesignersDavide Macullo
Design TeamLorenza Tallarini, Michele Alberio, Tatiana Speranca, Park Yeongseok, Jean Son
Project LocationSeoul, South Korea
CreditsYousub Song - Studio Worlderful
Prize(s)Bronze in Architecture Categories / Institutional
Entry Description

Building today in the metropolis of Seoul gives the opportunity to restore the built volumes to a human scale and interpret the spirit of a culture.

An empty urban block, pressed between the incumbent city volumes: it becomes fossilised tree that seems to breathe in the interstices of its geometrical fringe and expands the limited spaces of the city. The macro scale is condensed in the voids designed by this organism, coming alive through its cubic grid. A generator of the elements that contribute to the state of comfort of the Dweller and his relation to his context.


Davide Macullo (b. Giornico, CH, 1965) lives and works in Lugano, Switzerland.
He studied art, architecture and interior design.
For 20 years (1990-2010) he was project architect in the atelier of Mario Botta with responsibility for over 200 international projects worldwide. He opened his own atelier in 2000.
The ethos of the studio is one of ‘drawing from context’ and the various contributions promote a dialogue between the specificity of the project and the universality of the contexts. His work has been published and awarded both at home and abroad.