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Lead DesignersTaras Zheltyshev
Project LocationMoscow, Tomsk
Prize(s)Silver in Home Interior Products / Interior Furniture
Entry Description

«Lymphochair» is a pilot product of the MacroWorld collection. It resembles a tiny guard of our body – the lymphocyte. People always depend on imagination and believe in placebo so this chair may have therapeutic effect for a person sitting in it. The spherical geometry of «Lymphochair» represents one of our ergonomic experiments. The materials are handmade felt, plywood, polyurethane foam and forged metal rails. Handmade felt cover is easy to remove and wash despite the chair peculiar geometry.
Height: 750 mm, radius: 250 mm.


2009-2010 studies at the Tomsk Polytechnic University (Faculty of Mechanical Engineering)
2010-2013 study at the Siberian State Medical University (Faculty of Pediatrics)
2013-2016 studies at the Tomsk Polytechnic University (Industrial Design)
The main goal, the creation of user-friendly with a new look and a new function for the interior life. The main work is accentuated in the design of furniture and lighting products using modern technologies for processing materials.
I whant to Fill the environment of a person's life with an inexhaustible beauty and meaning.

Awards and Prize

2012 Winner of the art contest «Moleskine Tomsk» Russia Tomsk
2013 People’s Choice Award «Skol» «Revalyutsiya in the light of» Russia Moskow
2013 Finalist and winner of the «Art of Light» Russia Novosibirsk
2013 Winner of «Design Days in Tomsk» Russia Tomsk
2014 Winner of the «Award for Ideas A’Design Award» Russian
2014 Winner of the «A’Design Award 2014»
2014 participant of «Beijing design week»
2014 Organizator of design auction «design-secret 2014»
2015 Winner of the «A’Design Award 2015»
2015 Participant of «Milan design week 2015»
2016 Participant of «Moscow design week 2016»