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The Future of Connected Tools

Lead DesignersWestern Washington University Industrial Design
Design TeamE. Huynh, J. Pehrson, S. Paton J. Hein, L. Gardner, N. Lanphear, A. Lee, K. White, L. Collander, S. Weaver, M. Hoogestraat, J. Han, K. Kimura
Prize(s)Silver in Other Products Designs / Other Products designs
Entry Description

In partnership with Anvil Studios and Milwaukee Tool, Western Washington University took ten weeks to develop a proposal for a construction site tool ecosystem. This ecosystem was designed to monitor construction processes, enhance jobsite communication and facilitate time and cost efficiency.

Tools that interact with each other can benefit both the workers who operate them and the managers who keep track of them within the jobsite. Connected security, mobility and communication tools can promote safety, interconnectivity and efficiency on commercial construction sites.