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Most (The Bridge)

CompanyAsociación Smilemundo
Lead DesignersMatylda Zawadzka
Design TeamMatylda Zawadzka, Aleksandra Zemke, Paulina Maślona
ClientCenter for Civic Initiatives and Słupsk Municipality from Poland
Prize(s)Gold in Other Graphic Designs / Other Graphic designs
Entry Description

Most is a board game that builds collaborative capacity among vulnerable social groups in Poland. It translates into English as ‘The Bridge,’ referring not only to the content but also is symbolic as users gain skills that enable them to connect to society. Only natural materials were used to give the game an accessible aesthetic. The board is cardboard while many other elements were made manually. The look of the game is minimalist and raw, but still positive, colorful and engaging to play. The logotype of Most symbolizes the idea of connection, building together and getting back on the path.