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CompanyMinima Advertising People
Lead DesignersKrzysztof Fabianowski
Design TeamKrzysztof Fabianowski, Anna Szymczak
ClientTATTOO.PL - Tattoo & Piercing studio
CreditsPhoto by: Michał Świtalski
Prize(s)Silver in Print / Corporate Identity
Entry Description

The TATTOO.PL’s visual identity is far from the dark, stereotypical depictions of a tattoo studio. On the contrary, the design is simple and bright. Tattoos are treated like works of art and their beauty is emphasized by the use of the passé-partout technique. The KV shows photos of TATTOO.PL clients posing against light background, which directs attention to the artistic meaning of their tattoos. This idea is also accentuated by the claim “Show you are not afraid”. What the studio owners expected of the design was that it would reflect the philosophy they embrace in their everyday work.


MINIMA Advertising People is a Poznan-based advertising agency founded in 2005. It specializes in creating brands from the ground up, hence its mission statement: Big things often have small beginnings. Their endeavors lead to the creation of strong, recognizable brands equipped with a complete array of communication tools.

Awards and Prize

Merit Award in the 2017 HOW Promotion & Marketing Design Awards;
International Visual Identity Award 2016, Bronze Award in category: Technology;
The Drum Dream Award 2016 in category: Creative Work Design