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Hexagon Rainmaker Drone

Lead Designers Tang Jui-Feng, Chen Ting
Design Team Tang Jui-Feng, Chen Ting
CreditsAdvisor: Prof. CHEN YAN-TING
Prize(s)Gold in Industrial And Life Science Design / Safety Designs, Gold in Transportation / Aircraft/Aerospace
Entry Description

Because of the extreme climate, wildfires become increasingly common and fatal to forests in many countries. It has caused a lot of damage and killed in recent years. Due to this problem Hexagon Rainmaker Drone has designed to improve this situation.
Hexagon Rainmaker Drone combines UAV with artificial rainfall to extinguish the fire. The original method limits the effect. With artificial rainfall we can help the fire better controlled. Hexagon Rainmakers Drone are in module group and divide the work to implement artificial rainfall more efficiently.