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CompanyCentral European Research Center
Lead DesignersCo&Co Designcommunication
Design TeamCo&Co Designcommunication
Project LocationBudapest, Hungary
ClientCentral European Research Center Ltd.
CreditsEngineering: KW Special Projects Ltd.
Prize(s)Gold in Office Equipment / Scanners/Copiers/Fax Machines
Entry Description

B.my.jet is a multifunctional printer device, gives a solution for the blind and partially sighted people to get access to visual content at an affordable price and gives complete freedom for them to print and �see� whatever and whenever they want from the privacy of their own home. B.my.jet is based on a powder deposition system. This technology allows depositing well-controlled amount of powder in a certain heap onto a surface in a wide range of quantities and sizes, so it can print Braille and Moon alphabet and other tactile surfaces (e.g.: maps, diagrams, photos) too.

Awards and Prize

iF Design Award /product-2018/ – Teqball SMART
A'Design Award /2017/ – Calivita Bioharmonex
German Design Award /special-2016/ – NOSIBOO
Red Dot Design Award /product-2015/ – Teqball ONE
Red Dot Design Award /product-2014/ – NOSIBOO
Red Dot Design Award /product-2012/ – INHALO DSI
Red Dot Design Award /product-2011/ – COCODICE
BraunPrize /top50-2005/ – SLICK
Electrolux Design Lab /1st prize-2004/ – ICON