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Suiren campaign poster to promote a flower culture

CompanyBeacon Communications Kk
Lead DesignersYusuke Sano
Design TeamMayumi Kato, Yusuke Sano, Noritsugu Endo
ClientFlorist Suiren
CreditsPhoto by: Noritsugu Endo
Prize(s)Silver in Print / Posters
Entry Description

A florist “Suiren” is aims to let people recognize the “power of flower”, conveying a message that the power can affect the lives or emotions of people. We intended to communicate the powerful effects and influence a single flower can have by depicting the distant-yet-close relations and balance between flower beauty and things that are completely different. Human indolence, struggle for not being able to restrain oneself, and stress are portrayed in the background, while an impactful flower visual is photographed to insist the purity of a flower.