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CompanyTulpi BV
Lead DesignersMarco Manders
Design TeamTulpi design
Project LocationThe Netherlands
ClientTulpi BV
Prize(s)Silver in Outdoor And Exercise Equipment / Patio/Garden Furniture and Accessories
Entry Description

Tulpi®-Bin is designer Marco Manders latest design, this new addition to the Tulpi product line stands out through its bright colours and innovative design. With its cheerful and eye-catching appearance Tulpi®-Bin creates an atmosphere that will encourage people to actually have fun throwing away their garbage. Disposing of waste will no longer be seen as “dull”.
The Tulpi®-Bin is constructed from a solid round steel post with a welded container tray. A separate inside waste liner provides a large capacity for waste. The whole is enclosed by 3 curved composites petals.


Tulpi-design is a Dutch product design company. The company is run by designer Marco Manders and his team of creative professionals and interns.
Marco’s visionary designs are genuinely eye catching… not just for their organic shapes, which are constant reminders of nature’s beauty, but primarily because they epitomise the importance of social design.
Tulpi-design is a typical Dutch design studio with a flair for quirky, innovative and playful design for indoor and outdoor environments. Tulpi products are designed to inject fun and colour into our outdoor and indoor environments.

Awards and Prize

During Dutch Design Week 2011, an independent jury awarded the Tulpi-seat the coveted Award for Most Original Design and Good Industrial Design (GIO). In 2015 and 2016 Marco Manders received the Golden A’ Award and the Golden IDA award.