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Lead DesignersPouya Hosseinzadeh
Design TeamPouya Hosseinzadeh
Prize(s)Bronze in Accessory / Jewelry
Entry Description

"Culture is Worthwhile"
I tried to use,as much as possible,various techniques to create an elegant design. A different design from what we have already seen. Also,the aim of the project is to use all the features of art present in our culture. In this plan,the upper blades refers to palm leaves or palm. Using layout of emerald stone on the leaves, it reflects the green palm leaf. Then, we put turquoise in the middle part. The reason of using the turquoise stone was that this stone is also part of the national identity and associated with with different elements of nature such as sky and water.


I was born in Tabriz/Iran in 1993 and started designing at the age of Fifteen, and 3 years later, I found my way to the Technology University of Tabriz - Tabriz Polytechnic and graduated in Mechanical Engineering in 2016 in my hometown. I was working during my undergraduate period. My Inspiration in Art not only effected in every aspect of my life and design, but also lead me to distribute it by start teaching in university when I was 21.Three years after my graduation I decided to enhance my knowledge and skill in my field so I raised my skills as Self-taught. Now I am working as freelancer.

Awards and Prize

•Grand Prize - International Rendering Competion
Keyshot Rendering Competion 2017-California, USA
•Diploma of Honor - Mechanical Engineering Design
43rd worldskills competition-Sao paulo, Brazil
•3rd place ,Gold Medalis-Award 2015
GRABCAD Golden Gear Award 2015-Cambridge, Massachusetts
•1st Place ,Gold Medalist - Mechanical Engineering Design
15th Iranian National Skills Competitions-Karaj, Iran
•1st Place ,Gold Medalist And Award - Urban furniture design
National Furniture Design Competiton 2015-Mazandaran, IRAN
•2nd Place, Silver Award - jewellery design
idiran Award 2016-Tehran, IRAN