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MyMeat: A Branding Design For Pork Lovers in China.

Lead DesignersYige Zhang
Prize(s)Bronze in Print / Corporate Identity
Entry Description

Pork accounts for 65% of the daily meat consumption in China. However, most pork sellers in China never think about how to make a better impression through design.The idea is to come up with a new way to change the bloody and dirty impression of raw pork.The logo was inspired by the patterns of the meat.The English name is ”MyMeat”, whose pronunciation is really similar to the mandarin name.The idea why I use the metaphor of “pretty Chinese girl” in illustration comes from the traditional conception between the beauty and delicacy. I hope to make a new experience in eating and cooking pork.


I'm a undergraduate student, learning communication&media design in Tongji University. I am a photographer and graphic designer.

Coordinator of Photostudio Workshop in Tongji Design Week 2017&2018.
Photographer of Uni Jewelry, since 2017.

Awards and Prize

Seen From A Single Eye / IDA Student Award Gold , 2017
Mymeat / IDA Student Award Bronze , 2017
Gorgeous Hill / A' Design, 2017