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LPR Camera Housing

CompanyCarrasco Barceló
Lead DesignersDavid Carrasco
Project LocationBarcelona, Spain
ClientQuercus Technologies
Prize(s)Gold in Media And Home Electronics / Cameras, Video Cameras and Equipment
Entry Description

Compact design that integrates the cap that every camera used to have to keep internal components cold, letting the air flow around the body, giving to the camera a better internal heat dissipation by creating an air wall all around the body, reducing the number of pieces and simplifying the manufacture, assembly, and final cost.
The extrusion manufacturing of the body let us get different sizes of the camera, just changing the size of the extrusion.
We also create an identification system by colour pins to differentiate the camera installed inside the housing, this facilitate maintenance.


This Barcelona-based product design studio was created in 2010. The team behind the studio involves Industrial designers, graphic designers and engineers who have worked in various design roles over the past, which contributes freshness, originality and innovation. Our commitment to design makes us take care over all aspects of the product, from how it works to its interaction with the user, in an attempt to maintain an honest and realistic vision of design without ever losing sight of the real objective as regards their customers, to achieve a successful product.

Awards and Prize

A'Design Award Bronze