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The World Seen From A Single Eye

Lead DesignersYige Zhang
Prize(s)Gold in Multimedia / Animation
Entry Description

For me, it is hard to say whether I need a pair of glasses or not, because the short sight only occurred to my right eye.I have suffered from this since I was a child. I decide to make this film to tell you how I feel in single short sight. It do cause trouble, and may become worse without any prevention.
The difficulties I met in the process was how to describe the abstract feeling through some metaphor on the storyboard. It is the first time for me to complete a hand-painting animation in such scale. Learning how to tell a story was important.


I'm a undergraduate student, learning communication&media design in Tongji University. I am a photographer and graphic designer.

Coordinator of Photostudio Workshop in Tongji Design Week 2017&2018.
Photographer of Uni Jewelry, since 2017.

Awards and Prize

Seen From A Single Eye / IDA Student Award Gold , 2017
Mymeat / IDA Student Award Bronze , 2017
Gorgeous Hill / A' Design, 2017