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Lead DesignersPablo Saracho
Prize(s)Bronze in Toy Design / Wooden Toy
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Entry Description

Chicok, a rooster that can turn around and become a hen or a hen that turns around to become a rooster.
We wanted to help children understand that sometimes the difference between sexes is just a matter of nuances.
Chicok can also move looking for food since it has a mechanical soul. It has 9 different pieces made of beech wood and the crest is painted in red. Three of the pieces have wheels that facilitate the movement of the tail, the head and the body.

The design is very simple, minimalist. The minimum expression of both to highlight what makes the difference between a hen and a rooster.

The packaging is the house where Chicok lives, with a roof a door and windows.
You can play freely with Chicok, to tell which came first: the rooster or the hen.
It is 100% wood, non-toxic paint and the finish is just olive oil and beeswax.


After more than 25 years of Creativity in advertising, we decided to create Wodibow. The company was born under the premises of combining wood and design. Their activity is the creation and production of toys with high doses of design, 100% natural but still fun. Since we design and produce in Spain, we can double-check every one of the pieces that we put on the market, we can supervise every step of the production process. Our way of doing is "maker philosophy" like. At wodibow, they don’t rely on plastics at all.

Awards and Prize

A'Award design 2015 for The Mastodonts
Red Dot Award 2015 for The Mastodonts
IDA 2015 for The Mastodonts
A' Award Design 2016 for The 4-seasons tree Cwic
Red Dot Award 2016 for The 4-seasons tree Cwic
IDA 2016 for Chicok
A' Award Design 2017 for The Woonkis