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Two Trees

CompanyVaught Frye Larson Architects
Lead Designers
ClientFrank Vaught
Prize(s)Silver in Architecture Categories / Renovation
Entry Description

The goal of this renovation was to take an apartment that
sits atop a 14-stall horse barn and turn it into a guest
residence; however, the more planning that took place, the
more the clients fell in love with the project. They eventually
began to think of the 1,600-square-foot apartment as a
potential primary residence.

The barn remained in its original footprint but is now
anchored by a two story patio. The extended outdoor living
space includes open riser staircases, covered dining areas,
a living room and kitchen, fireplaces and a custom in-ground
spa. The interior space rings true to the original plan with
the exceptions of creating a master suite out of existing
bedrooms, and an office addition.

Each design decision was deliberate so as to not alter the
equestrian character of this timeless building. It is still a
staple in Fort Collins and currently houses 13 happy horses.