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Lead DesignersElliott Murray
Prize(s)Bronze in Design For Society / Eco-Sustainable Design
Entry Description

The Hindu cycle of life, Saṃsara envelopes a notion of endless reincarnation. Using meaningless materials, such as poop from large herbivores and mushroom mycelium, to form timeless objects, Saṃsara bridges the gap from passive products to meaningful discussions. Subtle awareness is brought to the table when users and observers engage in the story that is Saṃsara. From the beginning, Samsara’s purpose was to get people talking, especially about the origins of its material. This begins a discussion about the wildlife helping to make Samsara and the issues they face. When the issues facing the world’s wildlife are mentioned even once, an impact is made. This unobtrusive approach makes individuals more willing to participate and be inspired. Awareness of an issue is the first step towards action, and further on towards a solution.