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Casper Pillow

Lead Designers
ClientJeff Chapin
Prize(s)Bronze in Home Interior Products / Textiles/Floor Coverings
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Entry Description

Through 18 months of research, Casper researchers
learned that the average person sleeps with a
combination of pillows, one firm and one soft, to achieve
ideal comfort and support. Casper set out to design one
single pillow that would adapt to changing positions and
achieve the unique qualities that two very different
pillows provide. After testing hundreds of pillows, Casper
built custom prototypes in every material imaginable.

The Casper pillow features dual layers: an inner core with
shorter fibers to provide springiness in any position, and
an outer layer with longer fibers for a cushy, luxurious
feeling that is forgiving at any angle. Together, the outer
layer and the inner core contain nearly one billion fibers.
The minuscule fibers give the cozy feeling found in
down, but the supportive qualities associated with foam
— making the Casper pillow the perfect combination of
the two.