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Casper Mattress

Lead Designers
ClientJeff Chapin
Prize(s)Gold in Home Interior Products / Interior Furniture
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Entry Description

The Casper mattress unites materials in an entirely new
way, and cuts out the most common pain points of the
traditional foam mattress. Memory foam sleeps
incredibly hot and has a surface that sinks too far in.
Sleepers wake up feeling like they'll never be able to
escape from their sweaty crater. We designed the Casper
to sleep cool. The top layer of our mattress is open-cell
foam, which is way more breathable and cooler than
memory foam. Beneath the top layer is a proprietary
memory foam. Based on our extensive research and
testing in our laboratory, our memory foam is upwards
of 20 times more breathable than most memory foam on
the market. Additionally, hybridized foam construction
doesn't tightly conform to you body, so air can circulate
freely. Casper’s unique combination of foams sleeps
cool, provides a healthy bounce, and promotes ideal
anatomic support and ships directly to your door.